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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Yucatan Journal
Day 5; 7-7-12; Saturday g+ Photo Album

A Day in Playa del Carmen; We enjoyed our breakfast of fruit, yogurt and granola out on the garden patio of Melinda’s apartment. After we went inside, there was a heavy but short rain shower. We went to a small market around the corner and purchased some food for lunch including tamarind drink.

We headed out in our car looking for a beach that Melinda had recommended called Xpuha. The beach was down a dirt road that would have been more easily traversed by 4wd, but our little Attitude and Wayne's driving skills made it easy. The beach was beautiful. The white sands were lined with jungle and a few small colorful
out buildings and palapas, none of the mega resorts that we have seen on other beaches.  We swam, snorkeled, looked at coral and fish, and lounged in the warm water. There was a woman in the water nearby with her big yellow lab. She had a device that he eagerly climbed into that allowed him to float in the water. We could tell he loved it by the serene look on his face and the fact that he stayed in it for at least an hour.

After swimming, we walked along the beach and tried to climb up on the rocks to go around the point to the North despite the no trespassing sign, but we were whistled back into public territory. Before we went back, however, we found a fossilized conch shells in cross section in the limestone. We sat talking in the shallow warm water by a bed of sea grass before heading back to our car.

We decided to return to our apartment and shower before dinner, then got back in the car to head to a restaurant we had read about called Alux.  Alux is fine-dining restaurant set in a limestone cave complete with stalactites, stalagmites, multiple rooms, and a waterfall into a remote and non-visible Cenote (an underground pool in a cave) in the main dining room. It was absolutely amazing, beautiful, and super fun. 

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