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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Yucatan Journal

Day 6; 7-8-12; Sunday 

Day of leisure in Playa Del Carmen; second day at Melinda’s apartment. We had breakfast on the patio then realized that Sunday in Playa del Carmen was noticeably quieter than other days: less traffic, few people on the streets, bars closing early so people could be ready for work on Monday. We went for a long walk on the beach heading north. We went for a swim at a beach full of local families enjoying Sunday afternoon.

We had margaritas at a bar on the beach and found some great live music: the band there, “The Surf Tigers” were playing Johnny cash when we arrived, and had a diverse repertoire with reggae and beach music. The lead singer was an Asian-Mexican man with a beautiful deep voice. The bar had a cheap buffet that was mostly vegetarian.  We left the beach and did some shopping: Wayne and Susan both got new bathing suits!  During the night the cistern leaked, and thousands of ants swarmed in to enjoy the water.

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