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Thursday, October 4, 2012

A Long Walk into Cancun City

Yucatan Journal
Day 2;   7-4-12; Wednesday

Thanks to our host Carmen, we had a great breakfast on the second day of our Yucatan honeymoon of eggs with chorizo, juice, milk, coffee, and watermelon. Then we went out to the garden and pool and saw giant iguana lizards, puffer fish, needle nose fish, and purple sponges. We returned a bit later with suits and masks and went swimming in the lagoon for an hour where we saw more schools of fish in the deeper pools.  We would learn only later that the lagoon was infested with crocodiles!

Then we returned to our apartment, changed, and started the long walk to the city of Cancun.  Along the way we saw many more lizards. It was hot and muggy. We couldn’t walk the beach because it was all private homes. We found a coconut, split it open, and fought off biting ants to eat the delicious meat.  When we arrived in Cancun central we walked through the park and found a restaurant called Rolandi's and had Caesar salad and pasta putanesca with bread and vinegar and olive oil. We had cervezas, cappuccino, and flan. It was a magical meal and we shared conversation in a un hurried atmosphere.

We then went to the park and found a shady visible spot to nap for a siesta in each other’s arms.  When we awoke we ventured into a nearby Mexican grocery store where we were magnetically pulled in by the vast array of baked goods. They had a very interesting tray system for weighing the baked goods. We made our purchases and headed back toward our little apartment 4km away.   On the way back in the jungle along the road we saw hundreds of large blue crabs at least 6 inches wide.  Some of them had enlarged claws.  We caught the bus just 2km away and arrived home a little after dark.

After our showers we headed out on the bus for an evening of dancing. On the way there our bus driver decided to drag race with another bus, speeding quickly down the highway and coming literally within inches of hitting his competitor. On the dance floor we were groped by aggressive bar maids and paid for it with what should have been our bus money. The dancing was fun and sweaty with beats we both recognized, like Blondie from our wedding and many others we loved to dance to. 

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