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Friday, October 5, 2012

A Lazy Day at Cancun Beach

Yucatan Journal
Day 3;  7-5-12; Thursday

We arose to another superb breakfast from Elli, Carmen’s assistant. We decided to spend the entire day at the beach today.  We went over the bridge and cut through the giant hotels to get to the beach. We swam in a roped off area of the Caribbean in front of one of the hotels literally for a couple of hours, turning over the rope floats covered in sea weed to find creatures both mysterious and colorful.  We napped afterwards on recliners and then strolled down the beach for lunch at a wonderful little seaside cafe where there was a soccer game being played. Later back near our apartment we went up in a rotating needle ride 80m above the lagoon where we began planning the next leg of our journey over left over pastries while working on our ipads.  We washed clothes in the main house late into the evening. 

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