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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Planning A Trip to the Yucatan

--> Yucatan Journal Day 1;  7-3-12; Tuesday
Before leaving for our honeymoon, Susan and I took a day following the wedding and dedicated it to packing up all our stuff we would need; not a whole lot of time to pack for a month in the Yucatan, especially since we were planning on doing a diversity of thinks like hiking, swimming, running, exploring, dancing, etc.  We both ended up realizing later that we actually packed way too much stuff.  We also had a lot of unfinished business to take care of, as teachers do in the summer; Wayne actually finished his online traffic school while boarding the plane for the Yucatan!  In the San Francisco airport we were the last passengers to board and were done with traffic school         as we stepped across onto the plane for the Yucatan!

After a 5 hour flight we arrived at the Cancun airport and we were bombarded with taxi requests and the ATM machine almost ate Wayne’s card; we were lucky to get it back!  After another couple of hours of airport challenges and taxi rides, we checked in to our apartment in the hotel zone.  Our host Carmen gave us a tour of the white stucco main house and our beautiful quaint little apartment.

Ok, so the water here is AMAZING. We walked two blocks from our apartment across the street to test the waters of the Caribbean. Warm like a bathtub! We left our belongings on the beach and submerged ourselves in the clear warm water as the sun was setting and a gigantic full moon was making its appearance on the horizon.  Three Christmas light-adorned pirate ships were sailing offshore in the warm Caribbean waters.  We played in the water in front of the large hotel with people milling about on the beach and at the bar. The water was so warm it was hard to get out!.

We went out in search of fine dining and disco dancing but ended up at a hotel buffet where Wayne almost ate a tongue and Susan found coconut ice cream that put her on the verge of violating all natural societal laws and marital customs of polite etiquette.

After our hotel buffet we strolled the beach in front of the hotels in search of dancing. We found some mariachi music and then ventured further down the beach where we found pool chairs in the white sand. We both fell into a deep sleep at 11pm on the warm beach with the sound of calm water lulling us to sleep


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